Annual Campaigns

A Vital Tool

The annual campaign for a nonprofit is a traditional and important tool to raise funds for the yearly budget cycle.  

Have you tried anything new lately? Are you being the most creative and approaching this task with renewed vigor and energy? Have you thought about how to integrate this into your strategic vision for the organization?

Annual Appeal

If you don’t have an annual appeal, learn how to develop one. For any size organization you can start small and grow this program. It doesn’t take a lot of money and can still provide ongoing income.

If you do an annual appeal, figure out new ways to increase the giving.  Annual giving is not just a one-time event or a mail solicitation; it is an important and fundamental part of your fundraising strategy and program. Learn how to integrate this into capital campaigns or endowment campaigns.

Analyze if your events are worth the effort and what part they play in your annual appeal. Learn about the latest research in the area and have an expert help you take annual giving to the next level.  

Annual campaigns have a place in nonprofits; let us help you figure out what is right for you and your organization.