Board Development

Finding the Right People

One the most important jobs for a nonprofit leader is to develop an effective board of directors. Finding the right people with a mix of talent, passion and skills is not easy. There are key strategies that work and can be shared through training and consultation.

Training and Stewardship

Once board members are identified, the training and stewardship of them is equally important. Board members want to have a purpose and be needed, they want to share their expertise and talents. Communicating with them about the vision and activities of the organization is essential. Running meetings that challenge their learning and helping them grow improves organizational effectiveness.

A successful CEO/board relationship is essential for the functioning and success of your organization. Learn some tips of the trade - what works and what doesn’t

Lois Buntz is Well-Versed in Board Development

Ms. Buntz has received training in board development through BoardSource. Her work with hundreds of volunteers and serving on more than twenty boards has provided a wealth of experience.  As a former CEO, Lois knows how boards function.  

Board development can be done through training, direct work with key board members, an executive committee, or activities can be woven into a strategic plan.

"Lois Buntz is an exceptional human service professional. She is a well respected manager with unique fundraising skills. She is organized, cheerful, focused and most importantly optimistic. Working with Lois is a treat.  As a volunteer she makes you feel good about your involvement whatever the project."

Jack Evans | President of the Hall-Perrine Foundation, Cedar Rapids, Iowa