Leadership Development & Coaching

Individual Assessments and Consultations for your Personal and Professional Development.

One-on-one coaching sessions will address your goals, barriers and identify key outcomes.  These confidential sessions help you create a plan that is customized to your needs.  As a trained executive coach and licensed therapist, Lois has the ability to work with individuals on either personal or professional development plans.  A variety of assessment tools can be accessed to help you develop insight into your work and personal style. Candid feedback and practical assignments help individuals make progress and assess their future options.

Leadership development

For individuals or groups who want to advance professionally and grow in their skills as leaders, these sessions are designed for you. Through the use of teaching tools and coaching, personal development plans can be created. This may include presentations to a group followed by individual coaching sessions. Companies may contract for work with key individuals identified for career advancement.

Executive Coaching

Every CEO or Executive Officer within an organization needs a trusted advisor, a sounding board, and a skilled professional who will be their confidant. Someone they can consult with in confidence. Someone who has had the duties of leading organizations and understands the challenges that accompany these roles. Ms. Buntz has that experience, plus credentials as a licensed therapist in the state of Iowa. Each executive gets a confidential and customized plan.