Organizational Effectiveness and Strategy

Our Three Step Process


Assessment is the key to analyzing an organization’s culture, services, resources and products. Through a structured interview process, assessment tools, and key data, the strengths and challenges of every organization can be reviewed and researched. Using both qualitative and quantitative data, Ms. Buntz will help your organization build on key strengths and minimize liabilities. Robust facilitated discussions will prompt new and creative energy and a vibrant vision for the future.  Clearly defining the “issues” is one of the first major steps to a successful plan and outcome.


The second step in the process is alignment. By reviewing key resources and identifying what is needed within the organization, a specific plan for connections and integration can be developed. Gaps in products or services are defined and priorities determined.


The final step in the process is achievement. Key results and the definition of success will be shared with all stakeholders.  As the plan for alignment is created, the results at key milestones will be mapped. Evaluation of each of these steps helps the organization determine how to reach the identified goals. When resources, finances, staffing and technology are integrated, key results can be defined and a strategy and action plan created to deliver the identified outcomes.



“Under Lois’ leadership our regional United Way turned around after several tough years and has been thriving in very difficult environments. Her community leadership following the Flood of 2008 enabled our community to come back stronger. Lois exhibits a joyful combination of logic and creativity.”

Chuck Peters | Former CEO, The Gazette Companies