Trainings & Presentations

Training for Your Larger Strategy

Motivating employees, having skilled and well-trained staff and creating a learning environment are the goals of most organizations. Many employees today access training through their employer and there is a wide range of options for improving skills and content. To be effective, training needs to complement the organization’s strategic plans and be part of a larger strategy.

The topics below range from basic employee skills, to management training presentations that address changes or milestones within the organization and specialized topics in fundraising or board development. These can be used in for profit or nonprofit agencies.

Employee Programs

  • How to Run Effective Meetings
  • Teambuilding for Today and for the Future
  • Managing Your Boss
  • Ethics for Nonprofits
  • The Basics of Effective Communication
  • Motivating Employees during Difficult Times
  • The Culture of Change


Management Training

  • Becoming a Manager - What You Need to Know
  • How to Network for Professional Advancement
  • Organizational Culture - How to Develop it and Grow it
  • Moving from Manager to Leader
  • Building High Performance teams
  • Succession Planning – Transition through Key Leadership Positions

Specialized Topics Related to Fundraising

  • How to Engage your Board in Fundraising
  • Women’s Philanthropy
  • Nonprofit Trends