Assessment - Alignment- Achievement

These three words describe a process that works for individuals and organizations. When used effectively, great things happen. These words describe action and accomplishments.  They reflect the ‘A quality’ work that Lois Buntz Consulting will provide and the customized approach and attention each client receives. .

Our Values


We know how important your request is to you and commit to getting you answers as quickly as possible. Together we define goals and outcomes. We work together to find solutions.


You are important to us. You are our partner. We want your experience to be the best and the finest. The best recommendation we can receive is your endorsement that we have served you professionally and successfully.



Honesty and integrity are very important to us at Lois Buntz Consulting LLC. You can trust that we will deliver on our promises.


Expect some surprises, be open to new ideas, and learn with us how to make you or your organization the best that it can be.

Helping Individuals and Organizations Create their Future


Lois Buntz can help transform organizations, teams or individuals with innovative, creative and time-tested strategies. As a dedicated and experienced professional who has led various organizations, she is trusted, respected and accomplished. She has provided all the services listed over the course of her 35-year career.



What You Need, When You Need It


Lois blends her expertise with specialized affiliates and this enables Lois Buntz Consulting to meet your needs while remaining nimble and responsive.  Think of it as just-in-time services. Buy what you need when you need it - not a prepackaged and off the shelf product.