Women’s Philanthropy Programs

The Untapped Resource

The women’s philanthropy movement has been gaining momentum over the last twenty years.  Today women make up 51% of the wealth in the US (Business Insider, 2015).  By 2030 it is predicted that they will control 2/3 of the US wealth and hold 72 trillion of the world’s wealth (Forbes). This is an untapped resource for fundraising professionals.

There are many options to engage in women’s philanthropy. Developing giving circles, affinity groups, designing women’s funds, special projects, campaigns for programs for women and girls are only a few of the current trends.

An Experienced Leader

Ms. Buntz can help your organization develop, plan, and train staff, provide presentations to your board or women’s leadership groups, conduct focus groups and help your organization be the leader in women’s philanthropy.

Ms. Buntz is a member of the Women’s Leadership Initiative at United Way, and a nominee for the Iowa Women’s Foundation Ovation Awards.  She lectures frequently on this topic. She is currently conducting research for her book on Women and Philanthropy.  Most recently she attended the Women in the World conference in New York City.