Developing a Fund Development Department

Executing Your Fundraising Strategy

Helping organizations develop a plan to do fundraising is one of the best investments a nonprofit can make. Too often the job is given to the Executive Director, board members or tasks are assigned to other management or marketing staff. There is not a clear plan and the agency works in a reactive mode. With a clear plan and goals, decisions about investments of time and money are easier to make. The organization can become proactive and begin the process of building resources.

Even small nonprofits can create and execute a fundraising strategy. Mid-sized organizations can enhance their programs and begin to compete on a larger scale.

A Collaborative Process

Lois Buntz has worked in nonprofits of all sizes. She has trained volunteers and helped develop programs that have continued to grow over time.

The process of developing a department is done in collaboration with and participation of the nonprofit staff and board members. It begins with an understanding of the role of a fund development department and the different models available.

Using the unique characteristics of the customer and their community, a short and long-range plan can be developed.

This plan is usually integrated into an overall strategic plan and if the organization does not have a current strategic plan, these can be developed together.