Feasibility Studies

Determining Your Course of Action

Feasibility Studies are structured processes that involve the nonprofit staff, board and key donors. The purpose of these studies is to explore the possibility of a nonprofit engaging in a capital or capacity campaign.

Study Components

Case statements

Case statements define the problem, the services and how the organization will address the unmet need. These documents are used to share the “story”.  Many times videos are also produced to explain the need and program. These documents are shared when the consultant meets with potential donors and stakeholders.


Key donors, community stakeholders and volunteers are interviewed to gauge their interest and support for the project. Depending on the size of the campaign, 20- 50 people may be interviewed. A summary of these interviews is shared with the staff and board in the final report.

Group meetings, roundtables or online surveys may also be used depending on the size and type of campaign. 


Identify Key Volunteer Leadership

Finding committed and engaged volunteers who will be part of your campaign team is a necessity.

Data analysis

Staff and consultants review data including the history of giving, previous pledges, wealth status of donors and connections to the organization.


Usually this process takes 3-5 months depending on the size of the project and campaign goals.


Following the data analysis and interviews, a summary report is presented to the board of directors and staff with recommendations for campaign success.