Capital Campaigns

Take Your Organization to the Next Level

Capital Campaigns change your organization. They are accomplished with intense commitment and after considerable thought and preparation. Most organizations conduct a Feasibility Study first to determine the awareness and interest in a key project as well as the potential amount of resources to be raised. Based on the results of the Feasibility Study, nonprofits usually engage in a full-scale capital or capacity campaign.

Key Components

The Campaign consists of several key components.

A Case for Support

This describes your project or facility in detail and outlines the need or problem that will be addressed. This can be written and video format.

Identification of Volunteer Leadership Team

It is important to select community volunteers who are engaged with your organization and who bring influence and resources.

Launch and Support throughout the Campaign

This piece includes the kick off, solicitations of donors, recognition and updates throughout the campaign.


Preplanning for your capital campaign consists of data analysis and research, a timeline, preparing materials and meetings.


It’s time to recognize a job well done!


Campaign Analysis

When the campaign is complete, a review of the accomplishments and lessons learned.

“Lois’ success in raising funds for a cause or comprehensive project is based not only on her outstanding capacity to relate to donors, helping them envision the importance of their support, but also on her well-developed fundraising
strategies that produce results.” 

Katie Mulholland | Past President, United Way Board of Directors